Ask yourself:

  • Ever feel confused about what the next stage in your career might be?
  • Ever complete a project on-time with high quality, yet nobody noticed?
  • Want to avoid becoming that senior developer everyone knows is hired simply due to having X years of experience - not skill?
  • Wish you could help transform companies and industries by becoming an expert in your field?

Have you been told that our industry is growing so fast and with such a high demand for developers that landing a new job will be a piece of cake?

The cake is a lie.

The truth is, our industry is looking for competent developers who can bring real value to their businesses. Those who can prove they're worth investing in and are recognized in the greater community.

It's is going to take some work on your part.

Owning your career, learning the skills needed to become competent, gaining insights into how to market yourself and building momentum is worth it though!

  • Gain clarity about where you are heading in your career!
  • Be respected and recognized among your peers for the value you bring!
  • Develop skills and tools to change the people and businesses around you!


"Thank you for being so integral to my transition to a career in tech. The insights and advice from you and your content have had a large impact on my job search and how I’m navigating my new job now. There’s no better person to learn from when trying to figure out how to grow and earn more money as a developer."

- Robert Rosenberg