Hi, I'm James!

About 2 years into my career, I realized that simply doing good work wasn't enough.

I wasn't progressing and growing like I thought I should 😥.

Long story short: I started to take ownership of my career. Moving ahead a few years, I've been able to find work that meets my personal needs (remote, etc.) and have grown my reputation by being featured by Microsoft, Lambda School and many other well-known publications and professionals.

I started an email newsletter to help software developers who were facing the same career frustrations that I had experienced. Within 6 months, it grew to almost 1000 subscribers!

This site is the next step in the story: tools dedicated to help you get un-stuck in your career and become a technology professional who can make a critical impact on the businesses and people around you!

Connect With Me

I'm on Twitter and LinkedIn if you want to connect!

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